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The Peter Gilgan Foundation

The Peter Gilgan Foundation

The Peter Gilgan Foundation supports registered charities that improve life opportunities for children and families, as well as those that advance market-based solutions for global humanitarian and environmental concerns.

Tucows Inc

Tucows Inc.

Tucows lobby, agitate, and educate to promote and protect an open Internet around the world. They are thrilled and humbled by what can be achieved when billions of people have access to information and a vehicle to communicate, collaborate and co-create.

The Boulevard Club

The Boulevard Club

The Boulevard Club has been a fixture in the Parkdale, Roncesvalles area since 1905. The Club interests extend far beyond a group of like-minded individuals focused on their own sport. The Club embraces and is engaged in contributing to our community.

Munich Reinsurance

Munich Reinsurance

Munich Re stands for exceptional solution-based expertise, consistent risk management, financial stability and client proximity. Munich Re’s business model is based on the combination of primary insurance and reinsurance under one roof.

Vi's No Frills

Vi's No Frills

Making lifestyle choices affordable by saving customers money. No Frills stores are much like conventional supermarkets, but continue to feature deep discount prices. Today’s stores offer a wide array of items and brands that include Loblaw’s own private products.

Overbudget Inc

Overbudget Inc.

The guys at Overbudget Inc's main objective has been the same from their humble beginnings: to seek out and promote the things that make Toronto a rad city to live.


Enterprise Holdings
Benevity Impact Fund
Sirius XM Canada
MolsonCoors Canada Donation Fund
Telus Corporation


Andrew Pott

Diane Pott

Stephan Goodman

Karolyn Pott

Larry Altomare

Michael Hamilton

Dave Mordini

Rory King

Andrew Melnyk

Samantha Worley

Joel St-Denis

Heather Vaughan

Viken Kendirjian

Gail Brisley

Jason Carriere

Albert Clements

Linda Boorman Interiors Limited

Skyline Restaurant

Ken Verge

Thomas Canning

Dr. Michael Jeremy

Jorge Ramirez de Aguilar

Independent City Market

Michael S Babin

Tracey Logan

Ben Trister

Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church

David Robinson

Jeffrey Lewis

Brad Skitch

Helen Flynn-Hynana

United Way Ottawa

Mathew T. Williams

Michael Austin

The Revue Cinema

Round the Horn

Reynaldo Laqui

Daniel Cable

Natascha Crispino

Wayne Griffiths

Miranda Huska

Adam D. Peer

Judy and Howard Thompson

Thomas Kukec

Mark Porter

Dave Chiavegato

Jason Faloro

Tracey Loconte

Paula McInerney

Jennifer Organ-Shin

The High Park Estate Group

Anton Komienko

Claudia Burt

Kelly Healy

Peter Joyce

Daniel Leadbetter

Joy Mezzapelli

Parkdale Pharmacy

Robert Todd

Gayle Hozack

Janine Laporte

Jack Martino

Able Seal and Design

Giordana Berardi

Benjamin Brouwer

Caroline de Kloet

Scott Fennell

Boris Bohuslawsky

Heather Chiavegato

Jennifer Hopfner

Merlyn and Nicole Harriott

William Norris

Bernard J. Smith

Kathleen Imrie

Peter Hoag

Bernadette Lonergan

Victor Guerreiro

Merei Abdullah

Kathy Allan

Christopher Andrews

Marilyn Anthony

Phil Beecher

Tom Cherry

Kelly Doyle

Cheryl Edwards

Amy Hamilton

Sandra Hines

Lee Horigan

Emily Jelich

Krista Keilty

Murat Kristal

Kevin Kurnik

Eric Langford

Nancy Le Prevost

Robert Leyhane

Michael Manjuris

Jeff Mock

Yolanda A. Powell

Christine Pylat

Tony Reyes

Susan Schutta

Asmita Sharma

Yvonne Smith

Sandra Soldera

Fred Stanley

Rosario Suppa

David Taylor

The Mohan Group

John Tkach

Kingsley Watts

Victor Willis

Geoffrey Wright

Garrett Fraser

Jennifer Blunt

Geoff Clarke

Linda Corbett

Brian Edwards

Payton Foden

Robert Hines

Kathy Kennedy

Lori Lalonde

Theresa Lemieux

Tina Manttari

David Muir

Elizabeth Pyper

Karen Schucher

Louise Sterner

Tina Tao

Kim Valberg

Bruce Voogd

Catherine Wilson

June Rogers

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