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David White Design

David White Design

David White is a Toronto Designer whose passion lies within the heart of Interior Re-Design. He stands firm in his belief of social responsibility, through the simple principle of giving back to the community. For this reason David serves as Chair for Fundraising on the board of directors for the Parkdale Community Food Bank in the city he loves.



Aangen are a non-profit self-sustained organization who run global and local initiatives. The purpose of Aangen is to serve the world communities with Love.

Working for full bellies

Working for Full Bellies

Working for Full Bellies' mission involves creating one-for-one donation channels on supermarket shelves to create a movement of informed participation in the ‘healthy food for all’ movement in our community. At their core they believe that healthy food should be treated as a human right. To build on that belief they are creating channels for informed participation and purchasing. Increasing the amount of healthy food in our food banks and fostering a community of neighbours sharing with neighbours.

Martino Brothers Auto Body

Martino Brothers

Martino Brothers are truly proud of the community work that they do, specifically their efforts with the Parkdale Community Foodbank. It's been ten years since the beginning of their involvement with food bank. This includes food drives at all their locations, fund raising, and board level positions. They are making a difference in so many lives with the work they do.

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