Food Drive Needs

Thank you for holding a food drive on our behalf.  You should know, that like nearly 200 other food banks in Toronto, we receive substantial weekly food donations from Daily Bread & Second Harvest, that allow us to meet a reasonable minimum base to provide food to the over 2,800 people that we serve each month.  Daily Bread and Second Harvest are good friends to us in Parkdale, and to all of the people of Toronto as a civic community.   We are working together to fight the hunger of our neighbours.

However, if we relied solely on their limited sources, we would be unable to provide the quantities of food we feel are sufficient to meet the needs of our members.  As such, we work hard to develop and maintain partnerships with businesses and organizations and citizens to obtain additional supplies. We are very proud to be known as a generous food bank.  This greatly assists our members to have some reasonable food security.  

Our Needs 

We also ask people to consider donating appropriate seasonal foods at times like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Passover, New Year, Eid, & Easter to help us to provide seasonal "Feasts" to the membership.  Frozen Turkeys, Chickens, Lamb, Beef, Goat & Hams make for the Feasts that we all know and love.  Donations of toys during the Holiday Season, for our children, make a huge difference to what we do.   Thank you for helping us in our work.

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